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The Camarilla of Fairbanks

The Camarilla of Fairbanks is extremely weak at the moment. The local anarchs greatly outnumber the Camarilla vampires, threatening to overtake the city.

The most recent prince, a Tremere by the name of Bloodwind has just abdicated the throne, claiming himself as an anarch. The city was barely held together under his reign, and kindred of this city fear that the Camarilla will fall without him.

A new prince has taken his place. A complete unknown. In fact, many do not even know the name of this Malkavian. He showed up one night and claimed praxis over the city. No one has stepped up to challenge this upstart, but his praxis of the city is not complete yet.

The other positions of the Camarilla are all but vacant. The old sheriff joined Bloodwind in turning to the anarchs. There is no harpy, no Seneschal, no Keeper of Elysium, and very few primogen.

Hopefully things will change in the future, and the Camarilla will be able to consolidate itself and gain a stronger hold on the city.