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At first glance, the members of Clan Malkavian do not appear to be a clan at all; they are chosen from all races, creeds and social strata. But Malkavians, regardless of mortal standing, bear one disturbing commonality: They are all quite mad. Whether from the clan's choice of victims, the circumstances of the Embrace, or some property in Malkavian blood itself, all Malkavians go insane shortly after the transformation (if they were not insane to begin with). ____Accordingly, many Malkavians find themselves pariahs, ostracized by a vampiric society fearful of their random urges and capricious whims. Wiser Kindred, however, prefer to keep the madmen close at hand: Behind the Malkavians' lunatic cackling and feverish rantings lie smatterings of insight, even wisdom.

Kindred have a tendancy to not take Malkavians too seriously. Once per session, a Malkavian may ignore the Status of another kindred without fear of repercussion.
All Malkavians must be created with a Derangement. They garner no benefits from this derangement, though they may take another derangement in leui of two Negative Traits

Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Obfuscate




Malkavians of Fairbanks

Judas, Anarch
*Proven*, *Sneaky*
Ron Iceheart, Prince of Fairbanks
*Acknowledged*, *Exalted*, *Well-Known*, *Famous*, *(Reputed)*