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Elegant, aristocratic and regal, the Ventrue are the lords of the Camarilla. It was Clan Ventrue that provided the cornerstone of the Camarilla, and it is Clan Ventrue that directs and coaxes the Camarilla in its darkest hours. Even in the modern age, the majority of princes descend from Clan Ventrue. The Ventrue would, of course, have things no other way. In the tradition of noblesse oblige, the Ventrue must lead the other clans for their own good. In ancient nights, Ventrue were chosen from nobles, merchant princes or other wielders of power. In modern times the clan recruits from wealthy "old-money" families, ruthless corporate climbers, and politicians. Although Ventrue move in the same social circles as the Toreador, they do not fritter away their existences in frivolity and idle chatter. The Ventrue proudly wear the privileges of leadership, and stoically bear its burdens. Thus has it always been; thus shall it always be.

Ventrue are by far the richest of all of the Camarilla Vampires. They may take a free level of the Background: Resources, or the Influence: Finance
Ventrue are extremely picky about the blood they drink. At character creation, they must decide what they're peculiar feeding habits are. ( "I only drink the blood of attractive blondes in their 20's.)

Clan Disciplines: Dominate, Fortitude, Presence

Ventrue of Fairbanks

Mathew Cantor